Tuesday, July 3, 2012

CDO Masseurs

I was doing some reorganization of my hard drive, deleting old and useless files again.   I found two photos of masseurs who used to advertise their services online. 

This guy along the poolside of Pryce Plaza Hotel offered lingam and sensual massage in Planet Romeo.  So far I have not heard complaints but may be someone here can post a comment about this guy.

Now as for this guy in a white shirt, he advertised himself in a blog or was it in Planet Romeo?  I am not sure anymore of the source but at any rate he is also a "masseur".  Post your comments here.


Anonymous said...

kana picture nga naay swimming pool... naka massage na xa naku... maau man iya service.

Anonymous said...

yup...true...maau na xa nga masseur...safe mo kung sa iya mo magpa massage...ug unsa ang sabot, sabot jud...mao ni iyang number 09268755440

carl said...

ano po no. sa naka white guy? meron din extra service

DiscreetBai said...

No one is sure who is that guy. Walay nag comment if he is indeed a real masseur or a fake.