Monday, June 4, 2012

1st Koresco Super Body 2012 - Swimwear Couple (1-4)

Congrats to Patrick Jose Chua and Jolorosa Bargamento for winning respectively Mr. and Ms. Koresco Super Body 2012 held at Hotel Koresco last May 18.  There were a lot of familiar faces.  Some of the male candidates also took part of the defunct male pageant, Man of Himologan (Mr. Cagayan de Oro).

I am not easy to impress but the "fantasy wear" was quite good.  It was like a Victoria Secret and Rio Carnaval parade.  Kudos to the organizer and the fashion designer.

Here are some photos of both male and female candidates in their swimwear (candidates 1 to 4).  I will post the rest later on.  By the way if you know these guys, post your comment here.  I was not able to list down the names of all candidates.

The Fantasy Wear for Men

Candidate 1

Candidate 2

Candidate 3

Candidate 4


Anonymous said...

candidate number3 murag gatrabaho mana sya sa guess sm. sige ko mana sya gakakita didto. ambot kung conected pa ba sya sa guess.

Anonymous said...

kala ko papangit nanaman ng mga contestants, di naman pala, pwede narin ^_^

DiscreetBai said...

LOL grabe naman. There are good looking guys in the city but most of them are just "shy" :)