Saturday, May 19, 2012

Video : Webcam Couple

This gay couple is having fun on cam but no cum shots.  Bitin kaayo

These videos are part of my "collection" which I want to dispose off.  Instead of deleting them totally from the hard disk, I might as well share it to everyone here in the blog.  Enjoy your weekend!

DISCLAIMER : DiscreetBai does not make any claims or suggestions to the sexual orientation or preference of the person or people involved in the video.

Please practice safe sex!  Be responsible for yourself and others!

Check out these links for more information about HIV AIDS and how to avoid it.


Anonymous said...

Hala ka kita ko ani nila in a live cam haha. Nice jud kaau. The hawtness <3

Anonymous said...

And to add hihi, ang kanang dili kaau cute kai kabaw mu korean, and the other kai spanish. I forgot their names tho

Anonymous said...

mao ba? ga live show diay na sila sa webcam? unsa nga cam?