Monday, May 21, 2012

Sex education to avoid unwanted pregnancy

Monsignor Monsanto of the Jesus Nazareno Parish Church in Cagayan de Oro attributed the arise of teenage pregnancy to the break down of moral values in the Philippines.  Yes, I partly agree with Monsignor on this issue but it is not the main cause. 

In an interview, some teenagers were asked, what do you know about sex?  They replied "wala", it was not discussed by their parents or their school.  I myself was able to interview a teenage guy online and asked him about his knowledge of sex.  When he started talking about sex, it was like a 6 year old kid talking about unicorns and rainbows.  It was an eye opener.

Information is important and it has to be the right information.  When I asked the teenager where he got his information about sex, he said it came from his teenage friends.  So it was like children talking among themselves because adults refuse to talk to them.

That is why we need sex education in schools and it should be accompanied with values formation.  If parents can not talk about sex, then schools should come in and provide that knowledge.  Kay kung dili, mao lagi ning mahitabo, daghan buros ug daghan naay HIV AIDS kay di kibalo unsay buhaton.

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