Saturday, May 5, 2012

Comments not appearing in

Guys, I have observed for the past days, some of your comments are being sent to the Spam folder.  This is the very reason why some of you comments are not appearing in the blog.   

Please be careful when encoding the captcha words.  Before you can publish or post your comments, you are required to encode 2 words.  This blog feature is used to prevent spam messages from virtual advertisers.  If you make a mistake in encoding these words, your comments might be forwarded to the Spam folder.  I tried to retrieve some of these messages in the Spam folder but the blog deletes it afterwards.  Also do not keep on repeating your comments.  I will delete multiple comments.

By the way, I am encouraging everyone to use the Forum page.  This is a perfect venue for you to make your own topics and discuss whatever you want and not be constrained by the topics I have set here in the blog.

Salamat sa inyong suporta sa DiscreetBai!

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