Monday, May 14, 2012

Call Boys asking forgiveness?

I noticed this GayRomeo profile named PASAYLOA_kami. When I started reading the profile, I was a bit surprised.  Here is what was written in the profile :

"Pasayloa kami ninyo kung ugaling ilad sa inyong panan-aw.  Tawo ra gihapon kami.  Lipayon mo namo pero dapat magbayad sad mo.  Please don't plame (blame) our group of we give pleasure for money!"

(English translation) "Forgive us if you all think we are swindlers.  We are only human.  We can make you "happy" but you have to pay up.  Please do not blame our group since we provide pleasure for money!"

This clear shows that these call boys have already formed a group and has become a criminal syndicate.  That is why I do not recommend people to patronize call boys in CDO until this issue is resolved.

As for forgiveness....if there is no justice, there is no forgiveness!  Unsa panan-aw ninyo sa mga bayot?  martyr?  This blog will continue informing people about these swindling activities until justice is served!

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