Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Free Softwares Online

I posted a similar article last year about free sofwares online that you can download.  Why get or even buy pirated softwares when you can get it online for free?

I am slowly shifting from pirated to original softwares and I hope you guys do the same.

Here are some free original softwares that you can download online without spending a centavo.

1.  Open Office or Libre Office.

These two free softwares are your answer to the expensive Microsoft Office.  I already tried Open Office and it works well.  Open Office has Writer similar to MS Word, Calc similar to MS Excel, Impress similar to Powerpoint and more.  Of course Open Office is not entirely the same with MS Office.  There are some differences but you can easily go around it.  In Open Office, you can save files and make it compatible to MS Office softwares.  No need to worry that MS Office could not read files done in Open Office.

2.  Avast or AVG

Your answer to the expensive anti-virus softwares.  The Avast Home Edition is free for download online.  Avast and AVG is among the most popularly downloaded anti-virus and internet security suite software in Android phones.

3.  Paint.NET

This is a free alternative to Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw.  I haven't tried it but it is promising.

4.  VLC Media Player

Looking for a free media player? VLC is a good alternative.  Plays most types of video files.

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