Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Updates on Call Boy Swindlers in CDO

I already received emails from 2 guys who were victimized by these call boy swindlers.  One of the victim sent me a photo of the swindler.  I will post it here soon.  If you have photos of these suspected call boy swindlers, you can either email it to me through discreetbai@gmail.com or simply upload the pic in TinyPic.com and share the photo link to us.

By the way, sorry for the delayed email response.  I have been busy lately.

AGAIN, these call boy swindlers will keep on victimizing gay people if no one stands up against them.  As I have said over and over, I can not file legal charges in behalf of the victims.  Kung kinsa ang biktima, mao gyud magpasaka ug sumbong sa Pulis.  LET US WORK TOGETHER TO STOP THESE SWINDLERS!

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