Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tech Talk

Life is getting easier with the help of technology.  I could remember before teachers bringing Manila paper or cartolina for visual aids in class.  Now they use powerpoint presentations.  Bar codes before were mainly used for business purposes.  Now, bar or QR codes can be used for personal messages.  It seems nothing is anymore impossible.  

Samsung has launched the Samsung Galaxy Beam, a cellphone with a built in projector.  What would they think of next?  By the way, if you plan to buy an iPad 2, better wait for iPad HD.  Yes...iPad HD.  According to an article I read in Tweeter, Apple will name its latest iPad model, iPad HD.  Apple will be launching its latest iPad model anytime this year, some say even this week.  There are also rumors that Apple might soon release an iPad 7.1" model. 

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