Friday, March 30, 2012

Low use of condoms blamed on HIV AIDS rise

Filipinos has never been fond of using condoms.  Look at our population right now, Filipinos are giving birth like rabbits.
Most Filipino men find condoms uncomfortable.  Well, you have to find the correct condom that fits you.  Alangan mag suot kag sapatos nga huot.  Condoms do have sizes.  For those who have smaller girths (dick circumference), buy Trust or Frenzy.  For those with a bigger girth, buy Premier.  Also before placing the condom, apply water based lubricants to make your penis more sensitive.  See DiscreetBai article on Condom Use at
Then we also have the issue of people too embarrassed to buy condoms.  It is not commonly done so buying a condom can be an uncomfortable experience.  Aside from this, it can be a bit expensive.  For a poor family, buying a condom is a luxury not a necessity.

Condoms do help minimize HIV AIDS infection.  It is a reality that we have to face now in the Philippines.  Filipinos will have to learn soon to use condoms or else we might surpass Thailand in terms of HIV AIDS infections.

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