Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gay swindler strikes again in Cagayan de Oro!

Someone contacted me in Facebook and GayRomeo that he was robbed by a guy, a gay swindler, around 2 weeks ago in CDO.  His story is typical of a gay swindling modus operandi.

The victim was befriended by a guy named Noel whom he meet in a public area.  They exchanged numbers and sent each other text messages.  Noel wanted to have sex with the victim but was not able to do so due to schedule conflict.  Then the victim received a text message and this time it came from another guy named Jay who claims to be the cousin of Noel.

Since Noel claimed that he was not around in CDO, Jay and the victim meet, talk a while and decided to seal the deal.  They went to a motel and after the sex, Jay started asking for money, 3,500 Pesos to be exact.  Jay threatened the victim, that if he would not provide the money he would start shouting and create a scene in the motel.  The victim gave his phone to Jay who then immediately left.  When the victim got down of the motel, he saw both Noel and Jay together!  Everything was just an act, a scheme to rob the victim.

Luckily the victim recognized Jay in his GayRomeo account.  Yes, the swindler is advertising himself in GayRomeo, befriending gay people.  Please post your comments here if you were victimized by this guy.  If you can personally communicate with me in Facebook or email, the better.

Someone also recognized Noel here in the blog.  Check his photo at


Anonymous said...

hala....gush sige ni sya text text naku magkita etc...maau nalang i followed my instinct na dili jud. Ronald James Pacaldo daw iya name 09269447888 please be careful.

Anonymous said...

I try ninyo na sila ug invite 3-some. Kung mosugot, tabangi dayon ug kulata.

Anonymous said...

gikawat nya ako phone ani