Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Masturbation Myths and Facts

Masturbation as defined by Wikipedia refers to sexual stimulation of a person's own genitals (penis or vagina).  The stimulation can be performed manually, by use of objects, tools or by some combination of these methods.  Masturbation when performed with a partner is called mutual masturbation.

There are myths and stories about masturbation.  Here is a few of these myths.

Masturbation can cause weight loss.  
Yeah right....I should be skin and bones by now LOL.  Masturbation does burn calories but not enough to make you loose weight.

Is there a limit to masturbation?
There are conflicting information on this issue.  I guess this would depend on each individual.  There are some people who can masturbate like 3 or more in a day while others once is enough for them.

Masturbation is a sin.
I am not sure with other religions, but if you are Catholic, it is a sin!  Masturbation encourages impure thoughts (Derrick Ramsey? hehehe) and the semen is supposed to be part of human life or the procreation of human life.  Wasting your semen is like wasting human life.  And most of all masturbation is only allowed within the sanctity of marriage.  If you are single, it is not allowed....bummer!

Masturbation cause blindness.
If that would be the case, everyone would be using the braille and walking stick to move around. 

Masturbation is normal.  It is a stress reliever and provides an alternative to safe sex.  However, excessive masturbation or what you call masturbation addiction can be problem.  Too much of anything is not good for you, so do things in moderation. 

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Anonymous said...

everyday ko jakol hehehehe

peace_2012 said...

ako 3 times ako mag umaga, sa office at bago matulog. Ganon ako ka hot

Anonymous said...


yeah...same here...masturbation addict, i claim...hehehe...

Anonymous said...

lami kaayo pa lick sa nipples unya jakol syet gyud bai hehehehe

Anonymous said...

hala grabe ka hot... murag once a day raman guro ko kay mawala akong mood after gawasan na haha..

Anonymous said...

ganahan pud ko i-lick akong nipples kamulong naay ga fuck nako... kanang pag lick ma feel jud nimo ang kalapad ug kainit sa dila bah... dili lang nang murag gi kuhit2x lang.... hehe :)

Anonymous said...

lami kaayo gunit gunitan ang ulok and slowly stroke it, maka buang hehehehehe

Anonymous said...

nicely shaved...shave iyang bolbol