Friday, February 24, 2012

He is handsome! He is not!

I have observed some debate over this issue in the blog.  How handsome is handsome?  Unsa ba na sya ka gwapo? 

Beauty is subjective.  What might be handsome for me might not be handsome for you.  Sometimes I disagree with boyfriend, like....gwapo na?!  He then gives me a slap on the arm.  I tell him again....seriously?!  gwapo na para nimo?  I then get the evil eye....don't talk to me! hahahaha  

There are guys that if you just look at their face, they are not that handsome but when you see their rocking hot body, wow....he is hot and handsome.  Madala nalang tungod sa lawas.  There are a lot of variables involved.  One can consider a guy handsome because of his skin tone, is he dark or light skinned, the eyes, the nose, the personality and whatever.

So the next time you comment about a guy if he is handsome or not, just say...gwapo sya para nako, ambot lang para nimo.

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