Sunday, January 29, 2012

Spa and Masseur Issues

I want to clarify something in this blog.  The issue of naming masseurs here has been resolved months ago.  I posted a survey asking everyone if we should post the names or not.  Majority agreed that the names of the masseurs should be included.

As for masseur or spa comments posted here, everyone is entitled to express his or her opinion.  How would we know if the service is good or bad if people would not say anything about it?  Take for example in restaurants or fastfood chains, they ask customers to rate their establishment or give comments.  Why?  So they (the restaurant) would know their strengths and weaknesses.  

Instead of feeling sad or angry about these comments, use it instead to challenge yourself to do better.  If someone tells you that you are a bad masseur then look at yourself and I really a bad masseur?  Do I provide the right service to my clients?  Sometimes we do not know our mistakes until someone tells us about it.

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marco said...

akong amigo grabe ka tactless but for him it is normal behavior. we had to tell him that he was tactless para ma realize nya ang iyang batasan. naa man gyud tay batasan nga di nato mamatikdan nga sayop pero makitaan sa laing tao. that is why you do not know yourself until someone tells you who you are.