Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Truth about Spa's and Masseurs in CDO

I have been reading the comments about spa's and masseurs in this blog.  Some comments are quite revealing, truthful, while some are mere rumors and baseless facts (dakong bakak).  How do I know which is the truth?  Well, I have reliable friends who advise me on this issue and I also visit some of these spa's and tried the services of the masseurs.  Kibalo ko kinsay gaingon ug tinuod ug gapangdaot lang dinhi sa tao.

As for tips, it is necessary to tip a therapist.  Why?  They only get commissions per massage ug pila ra intawon ilang commission per massage.  I suggest you tip your masseur at least 20 or 40 Pesos.  Kung di maayo ug massage do not tip at all.  If he gives a good massage, 50 to 100 pesos is enough.

As for those "extra services", how much should you pay?  According to my Manila friends, 1,500 Pesos is already quite expensive.  Most guys in Manila who are asking that rate are handsome and muscular.  So imagine someone from CDO who is ordinary looking (pangit pa gyud) and is asking for that is ridiculous, binuang na!  Do not agree to that rate.  If the therapist is going to jack you off, pay around 200 to 300 Pesos only.  If it is sensual massage with extra, then 800 or 600 Pesos is acceptable.

I hope this will clarify the rating system here in CDO.  Ang uban feeling kinsa sila nga gapapresyo.  Mapugos ra na kung wala gyud mo accept sa ilang rate.


jun said...

tumpak! murag kinsa nga gwapo unya mahal kaayo pangayo. didto cebu daghan tag 500 ra unya lami naglawas. dinhi sa cdo pwera gaba!

Anonymous said...

1500 rate in manila is already a massage with es and hotel service na. es is not limited to handjob but some masseurs are very game to do more than a handjob.

i get my masseurs with two different websites and so far, i'm satisfied.

paid 4k with an ex-viva hotmen. 6k with a handsome model. i also got for 5k with another model and he even agreed to slept over in my hotel room.

i'm saving right now and excited to meet another viva hotmen...

there is one kapamilya artist that can be hired for 30k but i believe its too much, so i'll better wait until he will have few projects perhaps so that he will consider to lower his asking price.

for cdo, 300-500 is really enough. to masseurs in cdo, don't level your asking price with manila masseurs kay layo ra gyud tawon mo in terms of the looks and your massage techniques.

master said...

bitaw ngano mahal kaayo pangayo es dinhi cdo? unya may ra unta wafo nga fanget ra ba. sakto nga 300-500 ra unless lagi super wafo nga worth 1000

Anonymous said...

asa amn nice magpa massage dri sa cdo? kanang sensual?

jaydee said...

i heard sa nuat thai si richard ang name. daghan daw sila diha pero no e.s. within the spa kay lisod na masakpan

Unknown said...

Ako masahista man jud ko. subra-subra manang 1,500 na e.s. Gagym ko, gapafacial ug gapabody scrub ko aron gwapo ug presentably sad ko tan-awon. Daghan gani offer na ilivein ko dili nako kinahanglan magmasahe, pero dili lang ko gapatul kay basin dili nako kagawas dili nako makacreat ug akung family. mao ni kasagara na rate kung sensual massage 800-1000 home/hotel service kung Swedish/Shiatsu 500 kung naay handjob plus 200 dayon. Bakak kaayo nang 1,500 uy.

DiscreetBai said...

It is a common proposal among gay guys. Live in dayon without thinking of consequences later on. Remember, if you live in another persons house, you might end up becoming his "maid" or "boy" kay dili man imo ang balay. That is why when I lived in why my bf before, we shared expenses and responsibilities. At least no one feels he is being taken advantage by the other.

I find your rate descent and acceptable. 1,500 is too much unless you are a celebrity or has what it takes to ask 1,500.

Best of luck and thanks for sharing your thoughts in the blog