Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bisaya ka diay?

I had a very funny experience with a hotel receptionist here in CDO.  I was asking the receptionist a question in Visayan (Cebuano).  Instead of replying back in Visayan, she replied back in Tagalog.  So I presumed she was Tagalog, so I replied back in Tagalog, until she uttered a Visayan phrase.  I paused and asked her...Miss....bisaya ka diay?!

I understand that some people are not comfortable writing or speaking in the English language, but two Visayans speaking to each other in Tagalog is weird.  Murag mig mga buang didto sa hotel.  Kibalo ka nga Bisaya imong ka estorya, ngano man gyud Tagalogon nimo?  Nagpasosyal kunuhay sya?  Sorry, but if you want to be called "sosyal" speak to me in English or better yet another foreign language.

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