Friday, November 4, 2011

Gays Arrested for Manila Cemetery "Pageant"

Whether you are straight or not, dancing on top of a tomb is inappropriate.  It is a solemn occasion.  Why on hell do you organize an impromptu gay beauty pageant inside the cemetery and worst of all, use the tombs as your stage.  Come on guys or gays, show some decency.  If I see you dancing and mocking the tomb of my loved ones, I will bitch slap you so hard that your make up will stick to your face forever!

From ABS CBN News

Eight people were arrested Monday night for staging an impromptu gay beauty pageant inside the Manila North Cemetery.
More than 100 people gathered to watch the scantily-clad transvestites dance on top of tombs, prompting security volunteers to disperse the group.

Many of the pageant's participants escaped arrest.

Police said the arrested suspects, whose names were withheld, desecrated the dead and disturbed other visitors at the cemetery.

Some of those who were nabbed, however, defended their actions, saying they have been holding the event every All Saints' Day.

The suspects will face charges of alarm and scandal and desecration of the dead.
They are currently in the custody of Manila Police District

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