Saturday, October 29, 2011

Video : Best of T (part 1)

This is a rare Pinoy vintage gay porn.  I really forgot the full title of the video.  It was "The Best of T...."  The last name of the title started with a letter T.  So I hope someone here can identify the full name of this video.  

As you can see, the video quality is a bit poor.  I guess they used VHS format at that time.  This is part 1 of the almost two hour video.

As an HIV / AIDS advocate I recommend the use of condoms when having sex.  

Enjoy your long weekend!

These videos are part of my "collection" which I want to dispose off.  Instead of deleting them totally from the hard disk, I might as well share it to everyone here in the blog.  Enjoy your weekend!

DISCLAIMER : DISCREET CDO does not make any claims or suggestions to the sexual orientation or preference of the person or people involved in the video.

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