Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Text, Internet "addicts" at risk of AIDS

According to an article I read in Yahoo News, young Filipinos hooked on text messaging and the Internet, particularly those who frequent chat rooms, blog (including this blog?) and social networking sites, are at risk of contracting the HIV.  A study suggested that two to five out of 10 Filipinos aged 18 to 29 turn to text messaging and chat rooms to arrange sexual encounters.

This is why I try my best to provide an online venue (like this blog and chatroom) for people to be aware of HIV / AIDS.  We need to bring the message right on the doorsteps of people.

Guys HIV/AIDS in Cagayan de Oro is at its worst and will get even worst.  I hope you use condoms always when having sex.  There are articles in this blog on how to properly use a condom and other stuff.

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