Saturday, October 1, 2011

HIV / AIDS Awareness

Every week, I will be reposting this message over and over until everyone will gets the message....

Since the year 2000, I have been promoting safe sex and awareness of HIV/AIDS online through the DISCREET BAI™ network.  I have established DISCREET BAI chatrooms, Yahoo Groups, Facebook, Twitter, website (the former and now DISCREET CDO blog.

I do not understand why people think that if you are an advocate against HIV/AIDS or promoting safe sex, you have the disease.  Let me emphasize this, I don't have the disease ( I am HIV negative according to my test), so with other doctors and people who are on the front line in battling this disease.  You don't have to get the disease to understand it.  In fact the best people to promote safe sex are those who engage in gay sex yet are HIV negative like me :)  So, join me in this fight against HIV / AIDS.  Do not wait for your love ones or friends to get it.

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