Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gay Lingo

Here are some U.S. gay terms or gay lingo I got from the the book entitled, The Unofficial Gay MANual by Kevin Dillalo and Jack Krumholtz.  I also added some new terms.  The terms are arranged alphabetically for your convenience.  If you have some suggestions, please post a comment.  Thanks!
  • Auto-fellatio (Self suck) - the act of sucking ones own penis
  • Bareback - engaging in anal sex without the use of condoms
  • Bear - refers to a man who is hairy or hefty.
  • Bisexual - someone who prefers both man and woman
  • Butch - a gay man or lesbian woman who acts very masculine
  • Bottom - anal sex position, the guy who gets penetrated in the anus
  • Boy toy - refers to a young guy for fling, company or escort
  • Buffed - a fit guy with muscles
  • Closet - a gay guy who remains in the closet or keeps his true sexuality a secret
  • Chub Chaser - a person who prefers chubby or fat guys
  • Come out - to accept your homosexuality and or stop hiding the fact that you are gay
  • Cruise - to gaze at someone to get his attention or look for guys
  • Cum - semen
  • Cut - someone who is circumcised
  • Drama Queen - a person who loves to stir up a situation and thrives on drama
  • Daddy - matured or older gay man
  • Discreet - someone who keeps his true sexuality a secret
  • Down Low – straight men who enjoys gay sex. The term is commonly used among African-American men
  • Effeminate - a gay man who is very feminine
  • Fag Hag - a straight woman who spends a lot of time with gay men
  • Family - refers to a gay person or part of the gay community
  • Fetish - an unusual, sometimes bizzare sexual attraction to a certain act or object
  • Fellatio (Blow job) - scientific term for sucking a mans penis
  • Fisting (Handballing) – sexual activity that involves the inserting a hand into the vagina or rectum.
  • Gaydar - derived from the words Gay and Radar.  It is ones ability to detect if a person is gay or not.
  • Gay Pride - a gay march held every last weekend of June.  It commemorates the Stonewall (New York, USA) gay riot of June 28, 1969.  This marked the start of the modern Gay Rights Movement.
  • Gym bunny - an effeminate gay man who has a great body from working out
  • Lover - long time partner
  • LGBT - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender
  • Nelly - effeminate.
  • Openly gay (Open) - someone who does not hide his sexuality or being gay
  • Rainbow Flag - adopted as the symbol for the entire gay movement and community
  • Safe Sex - use of condoms and other measures to prevent STD
  • Significant other - lover or boyfriend
  • Sister - fellow gay man
  • Size Queen - a gay man who is particular about penis size
  • Son - a young gay man
  • Spit - some one who spits out semen during oral sex
  • STD - Sexually Transmitted Disease
  • Straight - a heterosexual or "normal" man or woman
  • Straight-acting (Butch) - a gay man who acts and looks like a straight guy
  • Stocky - a gay man who has a large but compact body frame
  • Swallow - someone who swallows semen during oral sex
  • Top - anal sex position, the guy who penetrates the anus
  • Twink - a young guy who has a slim body frame
  • Versatile - anal sex position, a guy who can either be a top or bottom


Easycoupler said...

In this list I can say I am:
St8-Acting, Versatile-Bottom, Bisexual Daddy who had been Fisted (long ago) and love to be Fucked
that sport large Cock. Err, you forgot to say Mantool and Sexplore.


Well this is just a short list. Thanks for the suggestion Daddy ;)

Anonymous said...

Galisod lisod ka lang sa imong life kung ikaw ra mu suck imo dick hehehehe wala pasad ko kita ana. Kinsa diha naka try?