Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Catholic Church cannot accept Gay Marriage

I would not be surprised at all.  Christian Churches do not welcome gay people in general yet they mask their hate with teachings of love and compassion for mankind.  Ironic indeed.  They teach us to love one another as God loves us yet they insult gay people.  And to think there are a lot of gay religious leaders in these Christian Churches.

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cian said...

for me, gay relationship is ok. coz we cannot force a man to love a girl. somtimes man love a man, the same sexuality but the heart of them is other. body,sex organ, and other is a boy but the heart no. yes in catholic is not allowed but in other country like germany i know gay relationship is alowed. the get married not married like girl to man, only registered relationship. but why here in philippines is not allowed? i think its good for us if all is open, like about that.