Thursday, August 28, 2014

Happy Fiesta Cagayan de Oro!

Viva Señor San Agustin!  Happy Fiesta to my beloved city of Cagayan de Oro!  Do not forget tonight, August 28 will be the last pyro musical show near City Hall.  See you there guys!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Zac Efron dating a lesbian?

It was reported that Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez, known for her role as the girlfriend of Vin Diesel in Fast and the Furious has recently split.  

And the cause of the split?  Well Michelle is not into Zac, she is more into girls.

Yes, the Fast and the Furious actress is a lesbian and had an open relationship with a female British model earlier this year.

It seems Zac knew about her sexual preference but he still went through with the "relationship". 

Anyway, my advise to Zac is.....come to me! come to papa! I can be your bitch if you want to hahahahahaha

Monday, August 25, 2014

Embarrassed buying a condom

I was in Watsons yesterday and noticed the sales lady complaining that a pack of condom was opened and a condom was missing.  I found this amusing.

Are we that embarrassed to buy a condom that we steal them instead?

There is nothing to be embarrassed in buying a condom.  In fact it shows you are responsible enough to protect yourself and others.
If you are too embarrassed to buy one, go to a small pharmacy instead in malls or big pharmacies.

I encourage everyone to buy a condom, use it during sex.  Protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Video : Pleasuring a straight guy

I hope you are ready to tilt your head. This gay guy sucks and pleasures his boy toy until he came.  I am not sure if they are Pinoys  :)  Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER : DiscreetBai does not make any claims or suggestions to the sexual orientation or preference of the person or people involved in the video. 

Please practice safe sex!  Be responsible for yourself and others!

This video is for entertainment purposes only and should never be imitated.  Actors in this video undergo physical preparation (anal cleaning, HIV testing and others).

Please read more information about HIV AIDS and safe sex!


Friday, August 22, 2014

Tips to avoid getting swindled in Cagayan de Oro City

There have been incidents of robbery or fraud in Cagayan de Oro involving gay people.

To avoid getting swindled or robbed, here are some advise or tips to follow :

1. When meeting someone online, check their Facebook account or if not see each other through webcam. Today, most people have Facebook or webcams, so if that person does not have one, that is a warning sign.

2. If the person you meet online wants to meet with you immediately in your hotel room or apartment, that is a warning sign. Meet this person first in a public area or through webcam. If you do not like the person you are meeting, you can make an excuse and leave the place or simply turn off the webcam.

3. If you bring these strangers to your hotel room or apartment/home, make sure the hotel has a CCTV camera and the guy should register or surrender an ID to the hotel receptionist. Better yet, leave your valuables with the hotel receptionist for safe keeping and instruct them never to give it to anyone except you. Take a photo of the guy using your phone and send it to friends. If at home, make sure someone is at home to assist you in case of emergencies.

4. Gay swindlers are now in social networking sites. If the profile photo is not the same with the actual person you meet, that is a warning sign. Make an excuse and leave immediately. Do not anymore entertain them.

5. If someone asks you for a night out with his so called "friends and cousins", that is a warning sign. You might end up paying all of the drinks and even more. Sometimes you go out in a date, only to find out that his "cousin" will join you later. If this happens, make an excuse and leave! These swindlers sometimes operate in pairs or groups.

6. When in a motel, if the guy insists that you take a shower first, this is a warning sign. This is an opportunity for these swindlers to take your belongings and even your clothes. If you shower, take your clothes with you inside the bathroom and lock the door.

7. If you meet someone new and that guy wants to have sex with you, ask that person, are you a call boy? Some of these guys would not tell you that they are call boys. After sex they would suddenly ask money from you, even though you have not talked about it.

8. If a gay swindler threatens you that he will create a scene or "mag eskandalo" if you do not give your belongings, you should reply....GO AHEAD! PAG ESKANDALO. These swindlers are just bluffing. They do not really want to create a scene or else they will get involved in it and their identity exposed.

9. Beware of "masseurs" advertising their massage services online. There have been complaints of theft and swindling. It is best to get recommendations from friends or a reliable website.

10. Cagayan de Oro has a high HIV AIDS infection rate in Northern Mindanao. Every year infection rate in the city doubles (100% increase). You should not only be concerned about your physical safety when dealing with these call boys but your health as well.

Share this with friends! If you have been a victim of these swindlers, REPORT them to the Police!

Beware of these guys.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mr. Iron Man Classic 2014

The last Mr. Iron Man bodybuilding competition was held at Gaisano Mall 4th floor food court.  That was years ago.  Luckily I was able to watch the recent Mr. Iron Man competition.

I was impressed by the body proportions of the competitors.  They really prepared this time compared to the last Mr. Iron Man.  Hopefully this becomes a yearly event during the fiesta.

And I also saw familiar gym diay mo parts? hehehehehehe